From the classic to the present

    The winner of the International and All-Russia competitions singer Jury Znamensky, has managed to win for a long time love of exacting public the fine voice, thin virtuosity and spirituality. The creative life of the actor is filled by concerts in various prestigious halls of our country and behind its limits.

    Jury Znamensky – the singer who has travelled all Europe, acquainting listeners with Russian culture, executing known romances, Russian national songs, arias from operas and operettas.

    Recently in its repertoire have found a place and popular songs of 60-70 years, such as "Melody", "Wedding", «These eyes opposite», "Beauty queen", "Instant", «People meet», «Dear длинною», the so-called retrosmash hits favourite by public and today.

    The actor himself is the author and the executor already known in many cities of Russia of songs "the United Russia", sounded on May, 7th in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses in Moscow by an Anniversary of the Victory and modern, but very pathetic «You are necessary to me» and «the life River».

    The timbre of a voice of Jury Znamensky of extraordinary force and beauty, and its performing range is so great that understand: any masterpieces are subject to this actor. Its vocal skill and a sense of style allow to include in repertoire music of several epoch – from baroque to the present, from a classical aria to known variety hits.